How to choose a good RTA store

Now that you are familiar with what in the heck RTA cabinets are (ready to assemble cabinets), how do you go about finding a great supplier or store? While Big Box stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s might immediately come to mind, you really should check out other options online and locally. We have seen happy clients receive a great price, amazing customer service, quality merchandise and less of a wait time for delivery.

Here are some tips we came with and a few RTA suppliers that we can suggest to give you a head start on your research. And if you decide, it is still much of a hassle even after our tips, but you still want the savings? Give us a call, and we’ll do all the measuring and ordering for you with one of our preferred vendors.

1. Quality. Make sure your cabinets are made with quality materials. Each product should give an in-depth description which should include what they are made out of. It they don’t, this probably is not a good sign. Another way to do this is to check the reviews. Almost every site we looked at has negative reviews. Be sure to weigh those with the positive ones. We’ve all met those people who like to complain. However, if the negative reviews form a consensus or you start to see a pattern, they are probably accurate.

2. Customer Service. The RTA supplier should have their contact information visible and easy to find. They should have multiple ways to get in-touch with them. Plus they should be responsive and happy to answer your questions. Just because they are a smaller operation, doesn’t mean they are not a good one. Some smaller places may not respond instantly, but they should always answer you within 24 hours. In addition, check out there return policy. Do they have one? What is their policy if something is damaged in transit or never makes to you?

3. Easability. I just made that word up. But, basically, is their site easy to use? Do they tell you how to measure your kitchen correctly? Do they offer free design services or programs that let you do it yourself? Is it easy to see how much it will all cost? Shipping is a big factor if you are not buying locally, so don’t forget to see how much that will cost ahead of time.

4. Sample Doors. A good RTA store will let you order a sample of the kitchen cabinets you are eyeing. You may be in a hurry and be tempted to forego ordering a sample- don’t do it! This is the perfect way to make sure the craftsmanship, color, style and quality is what you are expecting.

Still feeling like you want to take advantage of the RTA pricing, but really don’t want to go to through the fuss. Give us a call and we will do all the measuring and ordering for you.

RTA Stores we like:

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Remember, if you need help, advice or just want us to handle everything for you, just give us a call or setup an appointment.